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FFA Match Squad.


Going forward, we are proposing to form a structured match squad/team to represent the club in various team events

There is currently no structured squad format and teams for inter club events have been formed on a one off basis which we don’t feel has been working and has left us short in the case of drop outs, something that is highly likely in the ongoing pandemic

With this in mind, the club wishes to form a squad of members who show interest and willingness to fish for the club and can be the basis of teams selected. Anyone wishing to fish for the club can raise their interest, however, must be willing to travel if necessary and practice on specific venues whenever necessary, whilst being able to fish to a pre-determined team plan

Once the squad is formed, a captain will be announced who’s job would be to prepare for events, liaise with event organisers, organise practice dates, organise bait etc

Events that the club would be hoping to enter would be for example the Angling Times Super Cup, Inter club events and various teams of 4 leagues in the north west

Ideally, the club would need a minimum of 8-10 anglers to form the squad where a team can be selected from, this will also hopefully raise the standard of matches in the local area and raise the competition for places in the team events

In return for fishing for the club, the club would be willing to pay entrance fees to certain competitions (not pools) and cover bait costs for any finals that the team may reach

In return for this, the club would also like anyone in the squad, to attend junior days when possible and pass on their knowledge to the next generation of our anglers

Anyone wishing to join the squad, please feel free to pm or email me.

thanks. johnny


Team FFA

Today was the Cumbria Challenge Inter Club Competition on Ratherheath tarn and FFA have only gone and won the competition.

The three teams fishing were placed,

1st - FFA with 15 points,

2nd - Wadaa with 12 Points,

3rd - Kendal With 9 Points.

The point system worked by three points for first, two points for second and 1 point for third in each section. There were 6 sections in total.

FFA sections were,

4 section wins

1 section second

1 section third

Phil Thompson also managed 2nd overall with a bag of 8lb 10oz. Well done Phil.

This was a brilliant effort from the lads and let me be the first to say THANK YOU for your hard work and achievement. You have done the club proud.

A big thank you to all the other teams and competitors and everyone who made this event possible.

The FFA Team,

Mr Phil Thompson

Mr Steve Grainy

Mr James Atkinson

Mr Jack Coulton

Mr Matthew White

Mr Micheal Corran

We look forward to defending this trophy next year.


The sale of day tickets on Lowpond has been stopped.  Members can still request a day ticket for a guest with the condition they must fish with them, contact a committee member in advance for the permit and take responsibilty for them on that day.  

Rule update on ormsgill reservoir.

1) No spodding or pre baiting the shallows.

2) No zig rig fishing.

3) Min net size 30"

4)No night fishing in the shallows.

5)No day tickets

 04/06/2020 mirroring rule 36 on high pond this is extended to all other section waters. Also on the evenings of league matches, the match pond needs to vacated by 16.30. These rules have been sanctioned by the committee until the agm.

55 and overs match to be held on lowpond 6th may £5 entry draw 9am fish 10-3. low pond will be closed for this match which has been sanctioned by the committee.we will need a minimum of 12 anglers for this match to go ahead. To book on please contact john baker.