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Next Junior Match 26/09/21

..................Junior match information .....................

Next junior match information

All junior members are welcome to fish and try their luck at competition angling, anyone that enters will receive a free Matrix feeder pack consisting of bell feeders in different sizes and weights.

This is the 8th junior match of the year.

Also up for grabs,

Chance to win a historic FFA junior trophy.

Prizes for top Anglers

Venue -Low Pond

Date - Sunday 26th September

Meet/Draw -ready to draw @10am

Fishing time - 11-3pm 4 hour match

For who - junior anglers only at any level and any discipline

To book on please contact Christopher Ireland via messenger, on here or by phone on 07866832284.

Social distances is still the paramount of the club and keeping all members safe and Covid free so please stick to the rules.

The match pegs will be decided on the day so the full pond will be closed until Chris has assessed the weather and numbers fishing so please keep the pond free so the juniors can get to a empty peg.

Once pegs are drawn and all in is called the pond will be open for pleasure fishing but please give the kids room and space to fish a fair match.

Good luck to all competitors and we look forward to seeing what you catch.

A massive Thank You once again to Matrix for supporting our junior members.

For anyone wanting advice please ask. — with Christopher Ireland.

Junior Tutorial Day

Tutorial Day outcome,

Well the weather was on side today with the sun beaming down on our keen junior anglers taking part on Low Pond.

All the lads hooked up with senior anglers for 1-2-1 sessions for the duration of the day with a quick stop in the middle for Delish pies and pop then back on the seat boxes for the second half.

All the lads were asking loads of questions and had a go at different methods they have never fished, all coming away with massive bags of fish and all very polite and appreciated of the day.

Jack Hunter paired up Nathan Stretch on peg 3 and fished the pole down the edge with paste and micros catching F1’s by the bucket load and the odd carp checked in, ending up with 40lb of fish - awesomeness

Michael Corran fished with Mason on the High pond bank, starting on the method feeder and pinging 8mm pellets over the top before switching to the pellet waggler where more success came. Mason’s fish was a good split between the 2 methods and his bag was mostly big carp with some F1’s giving him a weight of 45lb- brilliant talent and I could see you getting better as the day went on with your casting and catapulting. Nice to see

Will Ireland went on peg 5 with Peter Kostyszyn and went straight on the method feeder where he has caught all day so stayed on that method and ended up with 50lb of F1’s and carp. Will grew in confidence as the day went on and ended up running the show while PK kicked back and watched while filling redundant behind him

Last but not least was the top bag of the day with 80lb of fish caught up in the water, Ben Hunter was with JB and they started on the pellet waggler but after a slow start they switched to the pole at 13meters and fished up in the water with banded pellet and fed pellet, got to say I was very impressed with Bens pole skills at 13 meters as he’s never fished it before but came second nature to him- very impressive and a great bag of fish

I’m sure the adults would love to catch the same volume of fish tomorrow in their match.

A massive thank you for everyone that turned up to be educated, the seniors for turning up and giving their experience and time up for the day without you guys the day wouldn’t be possible, Guru tackle for donating some fishing gear to give away, PK for giving some tackle to the lads, Stuart Craig for the bait he gave to the lads, the committee for organising the day and also donating free bait, tackle and putting dinner and drinks on for everyone involved and lastly to all members for respecting the closure of the pegs so the lads could get on the hot pegs and have the best chance of learning and catching

This event was meant to take place last year but unfortunately with Covid kicking in we couldn’t host it but we eventually got a date and it was brilliant success.

This will be the first of many learning days so if you’d like to attend one please get in touch with Gavin Hoggarth and I will get you on the list for the next one.

Tights lines all and well done, it was such a positive group of people and enjoyable. The feedback has been fantastic.